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Welcome to Our Website

To International Patients.
To explain your symptoms and treatment clearly (accurately), if you have communication apprehension in Japanese please visit our hospital with interpreter or use the Over-the-Phone interpretation service.

Message from the Chairperson

Yudo Hachiya, M.D., Ph.D

Thank you for visiting our website.
Hachiya Orthopaedic Hospital was established as the first private Orthopaedic hospital in Nagoya, Aichi in 1959.
Our hospital annually performs about 1300 operations, especially focusing on Spinal deformity surgery, Arthroplasty, and Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine.
Currently about 130 staffs including six Orthopaedic full-time surgeons who specialize in different areas are working at our hospital. If you have any questions about your pain or symptoms, please feel free to contact us.

These days, we can choose among many medical options. Our hospital aims to customize the best treatment from diverse and multiple ways and offers safe and high-quality care for every patient. I strongly believe that keeping a good team with warm hospitality is the most important thing to lead better medical service. This is our overarching mission. We sincerely wish that every patient feels relieved with a sense of satisfaction, and leaves with a smile.

Consultation Hours

Weekdays 9:00 - 12:00, 14:30 - 17:00
Saturday 9:00 - 12:00

HACHIYA provides several areas of significant sub-specialty expertise depending on the day of the week for outpatients. Please refer to the Doctor's Roster for detailed information.

Appointment System

We Value Your Time.
Outpatients are kindly requested to make an appointment to shorten the waiting time.
Please make a phone call or send an E-mail in advance, and our staff will arrange your consultation time. However, you can visit us without an appointment, but please note that you may have a long waiting time. If you have any questions or need more information about us, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Please make an appointment through E-mail or telephone prior to your visit.

+81-(0)52-751-8188 ( Weekdays 8:45 - 17:00 Saturday 8:45 - 12:00 )



Medical Check Sheet

To help your consultation, it would be greatly appreciated if you could submit a Medical Check Sheet. Please check the corresponding answers in advance and bring it to our staff.

Download it here

First-Time Patients

Please bring the documents listed below (if applicable)
・Health Insurance Card
・Proof of Medical Expense Assistance
・Medicine currently being taken
・Medical image data such as X-ray or MRI films/CD
・Referral letter

Medical Fee

If you do not have a Health Insurance card at Hachiya, you will have to personally pay 150% of the medical fees yourself.
As for details, please contact the receptionist or see the section below.

Health Care Insurance Score System

Under health insurance in Japan, the Medical Fee Schedule of National health insurance sets the prices for all treatments, drugs, and other medical services based on a point system in which one point converts into JPY10.

Medical providers uniformly calculate the medical fee in accordance with the medical fee schedule and charge 10% or 30% of the fee for the patients. The treatment you receive costs 1000 points on the medical fee schedule.

Copayment Examples

If you receive costs 1000 points on the medical fee schedule

1)No Health Insurance Card (150%)
1000 points x JPY10 x 1.5 = JPY15, 000

2)Health Insurance Holder
1000 points x JPY10 x 0.1 = JPY1, 000 (10%)
1000 points x JPY10 x 0.3 = JPY3, 000 (30%)
Depending on the qualification of the insurance, the out of pocket expenses will be changed of the original medical fee.

Credit Cards

We accept credit card(Visa, Master Card, American Express, JCB and so on) if your payment goes beyond JPY5, 000.


Location and Direction

Hachiya Orthopaedic Hospital
2-4 Suemori-Dori, Chikusa-Ku, Nagoya, Aichi,
464-0821 JAPAN

Google map

By Subway

Municipal subway Higashiyama line: 2 minutes' walk
to the east from Kakuouzan Station ( Exit 2 )

By Car

Exit Toumei Express Way at Nagoya IC and drive 6 km on Hirokoji street toward Kakuouzan.
※For bicycle users;
We have a small bicycle space beside our parking lot.
If our bicycle space is full, please use the public bicycle lot nearby Kakuozan Station (Exit2).

Parking Information

Weekdays 8:00-18:00 Saturday 8:00-13:00

Parking Fee
・〜1hour 100 yen
・1〜5hour 300 yen
・5〜hour 500 yen

Our parking lot has size limitation. Please refer to the following instruction below.
※ If the parking lot is full, or your vehicle is over the size limitation, please use another charged parking lot. We encourage to all visitors to use public transport when possible.